What is the UAE visa application like for UK citizens?

Dubai is a fascinating destination to visit, and obtaining a tourist visa from the United Kingdom is easy if you have all the required paperwork. British nationals visiting the UAE require a visa.

 There are several ways for UK citizens to obtain a visa for UAE:

  • Apply for a regular visa at the Embassy or the Consulate
  • Apply for a UAE electronic visa (recommended for citizens of eligible countries)
  • UK nationals can also apply for visas upon arrival. However, this option is not recommended because applicants may deal with unforeseeable events

The UAE allows UK nationals to apply for visas upon arrival. However, this process takes a lot of time because visitors need to wait in long lines for approval. Fortunately, Dubai has set up an online UAE visa application system for eligible nations like the UK. UK visitors have several options for applying for a visa, including submitting a straightforward UAE eVisa application from home or at the embassy. The typical length of stay is brief, and the visa expires after 60 days (2 months).

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