UAE Embassy in South Africa - UAE immigration services

In case you are not eligible for applying for an e-visa online, or you must visit the embassy in a mandatory situation, we are delighted to supply information about the UAE Embassy in your location.

Is there any UAE Embassy in South Africa?

Yes, there is.

UAE Embassy in Pretoria HE Mahash Saeed Alhameli

  • Tel: 0027123427736
  • Tel: 0027123427738
  • Address: 992 Arcadia, Arcidia Street, Pretoria, South Africa - PO Box 12612
  • Email: [email protected]

Useful Information

Recently, The UAE Government accepted travelers around the world to apply for UAE Visas online right at home without having to stand in line at the embassy. 

Great! Apply with us now and enjoy your extra free time.

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