Is Ukraine Visa-Free To UAE?

NO! Ukraine citizens are not on the exempt visa list, so they must obtain a VISA to enter the UAE legally. There are several options for obtaining a UAE visa nowadays:

  • Apply for an UAE visa at the UAE Embassy in Ukraine or the nearest consulate. Ukrainian passport holders have to spend a lot of their time waiting in a long line to apply for a traditional UAE visa (also known as a paper visa)
  • Apply for an UAE e visa for Ukrainian citizens online through UAE Immigration Services's website. (Recommended)

UAE e visa (UAE electronic visa) or UAE visa online is a digital permit giving Ukrainian travelers permission to enter the United Arab Emirates for travel or leisure purposes. Visitors from Ukraine can obtain a UAE eVisa quickly by filling out a simple electronic visa application form.

The online UAE visa application process does not require any paperwork and is quick to complete. Ukrainian travelers can apply remotely with a mobile device or laptop with an internet connection without going to the UAE embassy or consulate. This visa online system helps Ukrainian passport holders save time and effort.

There are many different tourist visas for citizens of Ukraine to visit the UAE, including 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days single-entry UAE visas. Ukraine citizens may enter the UAE for a maximum of 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days following the date of their arrival, depending on the type of UAE visa they are requesting. A UAE electronic visa is valid for two months from the processing date.

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