How Much Is A Visa To UAE For Singaporean Citizens?

In order to get a UAE visa, Singaporean passport holders are required to pay two (02) types of UAE visa fees, including the Government fee and the Visa service fee.

The fee required to be paid by the applicant to the UAE Government for processing their UAE visa is referred to as the Government fee. This fee, which is US$188 for Singaporean citizens, is non-refundable and remains the same regardless of the outcome of the UAE visa application, be it approval or denial.

The UAE visa service fee is charged when Singaporean citizens use the UAE e visa application service on our website. This visa fee is determined by how fast they want their UAE e visa.

  • For the standard UAE e visa service option, Singaporean citizens will be charged a service fee of US$79
  • If Singaporean applicants opt for the urgent UAE e visa service, the visa fee will be increased by US$79
  • The most expedited service, known as the super urgent UAE e visa service or Rush UAE e visa, allows Singaporean nationals to receive their UAE e visa in just 24 working hours and carries an additional cost of US$99.

In conclusion, it is advisable to check the latest UAE visa fees on the UAE Immigration Services website, as the visa fees may change over time.


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