How much is a visa to Dubai from the USA?

UAE visas are required for US nationals. So, how much is a UAE eVisal for US citizens? 

  • To submit an online visa application, you must pay two distinct kinds of UAE visa fees. These include, for example, the Government and service fees.
  • The UAE service fee for US citizens will depend on how many people your application covers and how quickly you need an UAE e visa.

One of the following UAE visa services for US citizens is your choice:

  • Standard UAE eVisa service: Provides service to people who require an UAE e visa for US citizens in fewer than three (03) working days. It costs $79 which is the lowest price available for every visitor.
  • Urgent UAE eVisa service: A service for those who require an UAE e visa for US citizens in under 48 hours. With this UAE visa service, visitors need to pay $79 for the extra cost.
  • Super Urgent UAE eVisa service: This visa service is available to US travelers who require an UAE e visa in less than 24 hours. For customers who have a rush plan to come to United Arab Emirates, this UAE e visa service option suits you. It is the highest cost with a $99 extra fee. (apply for a Rush UAE e visa here)

Additionally, to assist in making your trip safe and reduce unforeseen dangers, we advise that you purchase UAE travel insurance jointly.

Please feel free to contact us for the greatest assistance if you want to learn how much it will cost US nationals to apply for an online UAE visa for US citizens.


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