How Much Is A UAE Visa In 2022?

An UAE e visa application may be submitted entirely online, eliminating the UAE visa requirements to visit an UAE embassy. The UAE e visa application form should take no more than 15 minutes to complete and requires only a few basic details. Travelers from Italy must pay two (2) types of UAE visa fees after filing their application: UAE Government fees and UAE visa fees. 

The UAE government fee is a sum of money that you must pay to the UAE Immigration Department to consider and evaluate your application. The cost for Italian citizens is about US$188. In addition to government fees, Italian nationals must also pay for the services fee for which review applications and documents are required, receive and handle all the problems related to UAE electronic visa. 

Moreover, the service fee might be affected by the processing time. Currently, UAE Immigration Services offer 03 UAE e visa services based on travelers needs: 

  • Standard UAE e visa service: Chosen by most travelers because of reasonable price, travelers from Italy will receive an UAE e visa within 3 working days
  • Urgent UAE e visa service: More expensive; however, Italian travelers will obtain an UAE e visa within 2 working days
  • Super Urgent/Rush UAE e visa service: Only used in some urgent situations, travelers will get UAE e visa in 24 hours. Due to the fast process, the price is definitely higher than the 2 above services.

Visitors can apply for a Rush UAE e visa through our website. Please contact us anytime if you need!

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