How Much Is A Re-Entry UAE Visa For Chinese Citizens?

The UAE tourist e visa is only valid for one entrance. According to their intended length of stay in the United Arab Emirates, Chinese nationals can apply for a 30-day, 60-day, or 90-day UAE e-tourist visa. Visit the closest UAE Embassy or Consulate if you need to apply for another type of UAE visa.

Chinese nationals who wish to visit the UAE for a brief period may want to think carefully before selecting this particular category of UAE visa. We provide you with a quick and easy approach to get visas for your trip to Dubai. On our website, Chinese passport holders are only required to pay two types of UAE visa fees: the Government fee and the Visa service fee.

The UAE Government fee is what the applicant must pay to the Government in order for it to process their application for a UAE e visa. No matter whether the application is approved or denied, this charge, which is $188 for Chinese nationals, is non-refundable and constant.

When Chinese nationals utilize our website's UAE e visa application service, there are service costs applied. How quickly they require their UAE e visa will affect this price.

  • Chinese nationals must pay a UAE visa service fee of US$79 to use the regular UAE e visa service option
  • The charge will rise by US$79 if the Chinese applicant chooses urgent UAE e visa service
  • Singaporeans who pay an extra US$99 can obtain a UAE visa through the quickest UAE e visa service (Rush UAE e visa), referred as as the super-emergency service, in just 24 business hours.

In conclusion, you should visit the UAE Immigration Services website to examine the most recent fees as they may change occasionally.

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