How Much Does It Cost For a Tourist Visa To UAE For Nepalese Citizens?

For Nepalese citizens applying for tourist visas to the UAE, there are two types of fees: Government fees and Visa service fees.

The Government fee is mandatory for Nepalese citizens because their country is not exempted by the United Arab Emirates. Meanwhile, the UAE visa service fee depends on the number of applicants and the specific type of UAE visa service being requested.

The UAE visa services that are covered by this fee consist of providing guidance on the UAE electronic visa, furnishing the necessary documents, verifying your application, and notifying you of the outcome of your UAE visa application.

Normally, Nepalese citizens have the choice of picking the type of UAE e visa service that is best suited to their requirements and budget.

Currently, UAE Immigration Services offer the following 03 UAE e visa service options for Nepalese citizens:

  • Normal UAE e visa service option: This is a standard UAE visa service that guarantees you will have your UAE eVisa within 03 business days. This type of UAE visa e service is the cheapest one
  • Urgent UAE e visa service option: A higher level of UAE visa service that guarantees Nepalese citizens will obtain their UAE eVisa within 48 hours with an extra fee
  • Super Urgent/Rush UAE e visa service option: For Nepalese applicants who need a UAE eVisa in 24 business hours. This is the fastest UAE visa service, but also the most expensive one.

The UAE electronic visa fees can be paid in a number of different ways, including bank transfers or electronic payments. The Bank of Cyprus accepts both US Dollars and Euros for bank transfers. If Nepalese citizens prefer to pay digitally, you can pay in a simple way, such as with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Paypal.

Learn more about UAE visa fees here.


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