How Long Does It Take To Get A UAE Visa From China To Dubai?

The length of time it takes to complete a Chinese national's visa for the UAE might vary depending on a number of variables, including the kind of UAE visa, the reason, and the quantity of applications being handled.

Chinese passport holders often have to spend between 24 hours and 3 working days for their UAE visas to be processed. To prevent any unanticipated issues from occurring, it is advised that you register before your intended date of departure.

The UAE Immigration Services offers three (03) alternatives for UAE e visa application processing times in further detail:

  • For Chinese visitors who desire to obtain a UAE visa in three (03) working days, the standard UAE e visa service
  • For Chinese visitors who need a UAE visa within two (02) working days, there is an urgent UAE e visa service
  • For Chinese visitors who seek a UAE visa within 24 hours of processing, choose the super-urgent UAE e visa service, also known as Rush UAE e visa.

Chinese citizens should check and confirm that they have the necessary documents ready before filling out the online UAE e visa application form in order to acquire an electronic authorisation. This will make the procedure simpler and quicker.

Chinese tourists must submit a current passport and a photo taken within the last six (06) months in order to apply for a UAE electronic visa. Chinese nationals can check the UAE visa requirements and learn more about the necessary paperwork here.

Travelers should also buy enough UAE travel insurance before leaving the country. This will safeguard you and your family against any dangers when being abroad.

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