How Long Can Nepalese Citizens Stay In The UAE With A Tourist Visa?

Nepal has many tourists drawn to the United Arab Emirates for its appealing blend of Middle Eastern heritage, diverse food, and contemporary design. The United Arab Emirates offers Nepalese visitors the chance to experience a mix of traditional and modern elements in this charming emirate. When arriving in the UAE, Nepalese tourists should carefully check the duration of their stay in the UAE to avoid penalties if they overstay in the UAE.

The UAE is granted to Nepalese citizens who wish to travel to Dubai for tourism, leisure, or casual visits to their relatives only. The UAE has several types of tourist visas, including single-entry visas, which are currently available for Nepalese citizens to travel to the UAE.

Additionally, the validity of a UAE e visa is two (02) months from the issued date. Depending on the type of visa they obtain and combine with varying duration of stay, three (03) common UAE e visa kinds are currently offered, including:

  • 30-day UAE tourist e visa
  • 60-day UAE tourist e visa
  • 90-day UAE tourist e visa

We hope you get a UAE visa successfully and enjoy your trip. If you have any problems or anything need help, feel free to ask us or contact us through UAE Immigration Services. We are pleased to assist. 


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