How long can British stay in Dubai without visa?

British nationals cannot visit Dubai without a visa. They require a UAE visa in order to enter Dubai for any reason. Electronic devices such as a laptop, mobile phone, iPad, etc. can be used at home by British citizens to obtain an eVisa quickly. Visitors to the UAE can visit the UAE Immigration Services website to apply for an eVisa quickly.

A Dubai eVisa permits its holders to stay in the country for 30, 60, or 90 days based on the type of visa they apply for. This eVisa is granted to British citizens who wish to travel to Dubai for tourism, leisure, or casual visits to their relatives only. Because a Dubai eVisa is granted for a single entry, British nationals must obtain a new visa if they wish to return to UAE.

In order to keep your trip safe and reduce unnecessary risks, we also advise that you purchase travel insurance jointly.

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