How Can I Get A UAE Visa From Italy?

UAE - A tourist destination that everyone wants to come to see firsthand the most luxurious, splendid and majestic in the world. With vast deserts, true "black gold" oil wells and luxury levels up to 7 stars. If you want to travel to this beautiful country, first you need a valid UAE visa. 

To obtain an UAE visa, Italian citizens can apply for a traditional UAE visa at the nearest UAE Embassy or Consulates. Nevertheless, this method might waste a lot of time and money for Italian travelers. Nowadays, Italian travelers can apply for a UAE electronic visa online at the UAE Immigration Services website. In order to complete the form, Italian citizens must own electronic devices with internet connection. In less than 15 minutes, Italian nationals can request a form for getting an UAE e visa. 

  • Step 1 : Fill in the form with basic information, such as your full name, D.O.B., nationality and travel dates
  • Step 2 : Check your provided data whether it is true or false, and then pay the UAE e visa fee
  • Step 3 : Print out the UAE e visa result when it arrives in your email box because the Officer will require you to present to stamp a visa mark.

NOTE: Italian citizens who have 2 nationalities, they must decide and use one nationality throughout the process and during the trips. 

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