Can I Get UAE Visa In One Day From Nepal?

Yes. In case of an emergency situation where there is a need to process the UAE e-visa urgently, we offer Nepalese citizens should apply for a Rush UAE Visa Online through UAE Immigration Services. This service is particularly helpful for those who intend to visit the UAE but could not make the necessary arrangements in time or have forgotten to apply for a visa. It is common for this to occur when the flight is imminent and there are less than 24 hours remaining before departure.

To help Nepalese citizens better understand UAE Emergency e-Visa services and make an informed decision when selecting urgent services, we have provided comprehensive information on Rush e visa.

  • Urgent visa: If your itinerary is rushed or urgent, you can apply for an eVisa after 48 business hours. That is the best option in terms of cost and convenience.
  • Super urgent visa: If you need an e-Visa right away, you can get one within 24 business hours. The faster you can get it, the higher the price for your exceptional services.

By the way, we hope you have a good preparation for your trip plan. You should prepare the required documents fully and apply as soon as possible to avoid interruptions.


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