Can I Get A Dubai Visa Same Day From Italy?

Yes! Travelers from Italy can get a Dubai e visa on the same day. However, this thing will happen in case travelers apply for a UAE e visa online. In the past, when people wanted to travel to another country, they must visit the UAE Embassy to apply for a casual visa. However, applying at the Embassy might waste a lot of time and effort but the successful rate is not high.

Nowadays, the UAE Government has created and Implemented the UAE electronic visa online platform for travelers to apply. This system allows travelers who are eligible for UAE e visa conditions to get the access permit in a few days, eliminating the time of waiting at the UAE Embassy or consulate. Fortunately, Italy is the nation that has enough conditions to apply for a UAE e visa for Italian citizens.

UAE Immigration Services recommends that Italian travelers should utilize the UAE e visa application form by clicking the "Apply visa" tab on the navigation bar. Using this platform helps travelers from Italy obtain a UAE e visa within three (03) working days.

For those who want to get a UAE e visa on the same day, Italian citizens can choose our Rush e visa services to get one within 24 working hours. We will assist you 24/7 if you need; therefore, contact us anytime for more information about UAE e visa application, services and fees.


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