UAE Visa Requirements For Egyptian Citizens - Fees & Services

UAE visa for Egyptian citizens: Egyptian citizens need a visa to visit Dubai. This is the necessary information if you are planning to travel to the UAE in the near future.

UAE visa for Egyptian citizens

UAE visa for Egyptian citizens - How to get an UAE e visa from Egypt? 

Egypt and the UAE are known to have a close relationship over the years. So Egyptian citizens love this country very much and often visit or travel to the UAE. Now, getting to the UAE has become easier for Egyptian citizens through the online visa service. So, how long does it take to issue a UAE visa from Egypt? Is the cost expensive? Let's find out immediately about the information "UAE visa requirements for Egyptian citizens"

Check UAE E-Visa Requirements For Egyptian Citizens

Before traveling to the UAE, make sure you fulfill some of the following requirements to ensure a quick and accurate online visa application:

  • When applying for a visa online, be sure you have a working email address handy so that you can get the most up-to-date information.
  • Scan the bio page of your passport
  • Valid passport which must have at least two blank pages and be valid for at least six months after the date of your entry into the UAE.
  • A face-focused photograph with an uncluttered background for your application.

Egyptian nationals can stay in the UAE for 30, 60, or 90 days depending on the type of visa they have applied for. The validity of the e-visa for the UAE is 2 months from the date it was processed.

How to apply for a UAE visa online from Egypt?

Fill out an application quickly to receive an electronic visa for travel to the United Arab Emirates. Here are the straightforward four steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the website and complete the information in the online UAE visa application form

To process your e-Visa to the United Arab Emirates, fill out the online form at the provided link to apply for a visa for the UAE.

  • Step 2: Select the UAE visa payment method on the internet when completing the requested information

Before you pay for the visa, you must verify all the information you include in your application. You can select the most appropriate and practical payment options to process.

  • Step 3: Your UAE e-visa is confirmed by email

Please check your email from us for your confirmed details once you have finished step 2 of the process. When your UAE e-Visa is prepared, we will notify you.

  • Step 4: Upon arrival, print the completed UAE e-visa application to have the visa stamped on your passport.

Please print the UAE e-Visa we emailed to you so you can board the plane to the UAE.

About UAE visa requirements for Egyptians - UAE visa fee for Egyptian citizens

About UAE visa requirements for Egyptians - UAE visa fee for Egyptian citizens

UAE e-visa fee for Egyptian citizens and payment method

How much is a UAE visa for Egypt price? When applying for a visa to the UAE from Egypt, there are two UAE e-visa fees that you must pay. These fees come from the UAE government as well as our service fees.

The service charge will also vary according to the number of applicants and the duration of the visa's validity.

The following are the popular services we are providing:

  • Normal: This package is for people who need their e-Visa in less than three working days.
  • Urgent: Choosing this service, customers will receive an e-Visa within 48 business hours.
  • Super Urgent: For people who need an e-visa in less than 24 working hours, our quick service package is what they need.

In addition, to ensure a safe and risk-free trip to the UAE, we recommend purchasing travel insurance for yourself and your family.

Is the UAE embassy open in Egypt?

Currently, is there any UAE Embassy in Egypt? Yes, The Embassy of the UAE in Cairo is located at 4, Ibn Sina Street in Giza. On public holidays in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, the embassy's offices can be closed. To confirm the embassy's business hours, please call.

The UAE government currently permits visitors from all around the world to apply for UAE visas online from their homes without standing in line at the embassy.

What is the reason to choose to apply for an e-visa to the UAE through us?

If you are wondering where to choose a reputable online UAE visa registration service from Egypt? Choose UAE Immigration Services, because we will provide visa services to meet your needs:

  • Fast service, save time
  • Always supported wholeheartedly and carefully
  • Ensure to have visa on time for customer trip
  • Diverse costs, suitable for each customer's needs
  • And many other advantages

If you need to apply for an online UAE visit visa for Egyptians or need help buying travel insurance to the UAE, please contact us for advice.