UAE visa requirements for Andorra citizens - Fees & Services

UAE visa requirements for Andorra citizens: The United Arab Emirates welcomes all foreign visitors, albeit there may be requirements for entry. The majority of tourists will require some sort of visa in order to enter the United Arab Emirates.

By submitting your application online, you can receive a response within a few days without having to look for local assistance in the UAE. The same is true for submitting all required documentation and paying for visa costs online rather than by mail or fax. If your visa application is approved, we will also update your UAE Visa for Andorra with your visa information, simplifying your trip.

UAE Visa for Andorra Citizens

UAE Visa for Andorra Citizens

UAE Visa Requirements for Andorran Citizens

You can choose a duration of stay of 30, 60 and 90 days starting on the arrival date when you receive a single-entry tourist visa. This visa is valid for 2 months starting on the processing date.

Depending on your country, travelers can either apply for a UAE e-Visa in advance or obtain a visa when they arrive. Different conditions or visa categories apply depending on the applicant's citizenship. When it comes to appropriate papers on hand when you arrive in the UAE for Andorra Citizens, be sure to have the following information on hand:

  • 1. The citizen of Andorra must be aware that they all have their original passport, which must have two blank pages and be valid for at least six months from the date of their arrival in the UAE.
  • 2. A passport photo in color - You can send your picture with any format that you have.
  • 3. A passport biographical page which is scanned with no missing lines.
  • 4. An email to receive all the visa information you require.

UAE Visa Requirements for Andorra Citizens

UAE Visa Requirements for Andorra Citizens

How to apply for an online UAE visa for Andorra

If you have an Andorran passport, this is the ideal moment to apply for an e-Visa for the UAE so you may explore all that Dubai has to offer. You will have a fantastic experience filled with stunning views, wonderful people, and expensive meals.

To enter the UAE visa, Andorra citizens must obtain an electronic visa. The application form can be completed in no more than 15 minutes. Here is a basic 4-step procedure:

Step 1: The first step, complete the UAE visa online application form.

Fill in the UAE online visa application form to request your e-Visa to the United Arab Emirates.

Step 2: The second step, pay the UAE visa processing fee.

You can choose the most suitable and convenient payment method to process your e-visa after checking all the information and making sure it is correct.

Step 3: The third step, receive your email-based UAE visa.

When you have completed step 2, please check your mail frequently to update new information about your e-visa.

Step 4: Get your UAE visa stamped in your passport when you arrive.

Before going to the airport, make a copy of the e-visa approval and keep it with you at all times.

Apply for an online UAE visa for Andorra

Apply for an online UAE visa for Andorra

UAE visa fees for Andorra passport

When applying for an e-Visa from the UAE, applicants must pay the government fee. This cost is required by the UAE government for processing a visa application. When applying online for a UAE e-Visa for residents of Andorra, visa fees for the UAE must be paid.

In addition to the government fee, there are also service fees which include from the consultation to process the e-visa for Andorra customers. The price of the service may change depending on the processing time frame you select. The following three service choices are available through the UAE Immigration & e-Visa Portal:

  • Standard: If you select this standard option, your visa decision will be given to you in 3 working days after processing.
  • Urgent: Andorra citizens will have 48 hours to obtain your electronic visa.
  • Super urgent: Your e-visa result will be ready in 24 business hours if Andorra citizens choose this service.

UAE visa fees for Andorra passport

UAE visa fees for Andorra passport

To protect your benefits while going internationally, we additionally advise that you get travel insurance for the UAE. With the help of this insurance, Andorra travelers can have peace in mind whenever they may encounter an unforeseen situation.

Note about UAE e visa for Andorra citizens

To come to the UAE, you need to apply for a UAE visa for Andorra citizens in advance 07 days before you intend to travel. The UAE Embassy in Andorra - UAE immigration services serves as a point of contact between the governments of the UAE and Andorra.

Please contact us if you are interested in traveling to the UAE and need consultation.